Brack & Gut Ltd. founded 2002

Business values have to be cared for. We support first class retail and wholesale businesses using the years of experience we have gained in the jewellery and watch industry. We understand both manufacturing and retailing and are used to sharing our knowledge. We think from the point of view of the producer, wholesaler or retailer – in an objective and realistic way. Brack & Gut Ltd. is specialized in profiling companies’ images and building up characteristic brands. If you have some special needs for your personnel or you are looking for a new job, we help you finding the right solution. Christoph Brack is the owner and founder and is a specialist grown of the jewellery and watch industry. Building custom fit solutions he offers specific skills in conception, development, sales and training.

Christoph Brack
Gemmologist GG GIA
CFH diploma in modern management
SAWI marketing planner
IWB diploma in project management

Recruiting management ZHAW
Accredited coach for assessment and team development HSE

Past- / Vice President of the Swiss Gemmological Association SGG

Christoph Brack has years of product management experience including responsibility for buying, branding and assembling retail collections of jewellery and precious stones. He also has wide experience in production and quality control. Christoph previously specialized in pearls and precious stones and is qualified in adult education within the jewellery trade. He is used to teaching marketing, businessdevelopment, personnel management and correspondence for higher Swiss diplomas and the trade.

In specific sections we have created strong alliances. We offer a complete symbiosis with Dr. Alfred Beerli in the classic field of sales and distribution marketing as well as with the Lawyers Dr. LLM Eric Buis and Paul Bürgi for branding law. Markus Atzenweiler as security specialist, supports us as well as Prof. Dr. Andreas König in the topic of teaching and learning. See also „Unternehmung“

We bring profound experience within the jewellery and watch industry and we have worked for a number of well known companies listet in „Verbindungen“